︎︎︎    CleaResult Video

I designed, storyboarded and animated this video with Cyclops for the eco-consulting firm CleaResult.

I used a simple color scheme with cute geometric shapes to keep things simple and engaging while teaching viewers how to make environmentally friendly decisions within their daily habits. 

Click here to view the full video.

︎︎︎    Earth Advantage Infographic

I created an infographic, animated clips and six icons for Earth Advantage, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable building practices.

I used a simple color scheme along with clean geometry to underline the harms of demolition alongside the benefits of deconstruction.

Click on the infrographic on the right to expand. ︎ 

︎︎︎    Seattle Mag infographic

I created this infographic spread for Seattle Magazine’s 2022 nonprofit issue. I dug through Seattle’s nonprofit data to find interesting tidbits to highlight and illustrate.  

This project had a tight turnaround so I used a style that I could execute relatively quickly while filling every square inch with fun details.

Unusually for me, I came up with the copy as well as the design and illustration for this project. It was a fun challenge to stretch those muscles and come up with the most interesting anecdotes I could find within the data.
Click on the infographic to expand. ︎