︎ Stacklok Explainer Video

I designed, illustrated and animated an explainer video for tech startup Stacklok.

Using ice cream production and consumption as a metaphor, we explain how Stacklok’s products Minder and Trusty work together to secure the software supply chain from malicious attacks. 

Click here for the full video, or watch the embedded video on the right. 

︎ CleaResult Video

I designed, storyboarded and animated this video with Cyclops for the eco-consulting firm CleaResult.

I used a simple color scheme with cute geometric shapes to keep things simple and engaging while teaching viewers how to make environmentally friendly decisions within their daily habits. 

Click here to view the full video.

︎ BetterBricks Explainer Video

I worked with Cyclops to create this explainer video on the economical and enviromental benefits of “Very High Efficiency Outside Air Systems.”

The soft pallette, outline strokes and isometric view all help give the video a easy-to-digest-lesson vibe. With that, we got to the heart of how the system works by distilling the complex equipment down to its basic functionality and the many benefits of high-efficiency.

︎ Earth Advantage Infographic

I created an infographic, animated clips and six icons for Earth Advantage, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable building practices.

I used a simple color scheme along with clean geometry to underline the harms of demolition alongside the benefits of deconstruction.

Click on the infrographic on the right to expand.