︎︎︎    Mushroom Folk

These three anthropomorphic mushrooms include the humble protagonist morel, the helpful deuteragonist chantrelle and the evil antagonist death cap. 

I aimed to keep the shape, textures and vibe of the real mushroom species while personifying them with bodies, faces and clothing to tell a story about who they are and what their personalities are. 

To get the textures right I used bump maps whenever possible to keep the polygons to a minimum while allowing for great detail. 

︎︎︎    Lunar Rover Model

I created this lunar rover and astronaut in Blender with meshes, curves and a variety of textures and shaders. 

To get the reflections in the helmet visor I used a couple dozen low-strength sun lights and added a fresnel node to the roughness input of the principled bsdf on the visor material to make it highly reflective. 

I used curves with bevel depth to create the metal bars and the electrical wires, then added shaders to make them appear either metal or plastic. 

Most of the mesh surfaces have painted textures to make everything feel lived-in and roughed up. 

Finally, I added pieces of duct  tape here and there by using the shrinkwrap modifer on texture-painted plane meshes. 

︎︎︎    Tree House Concept 

I created this treehouse in Blender by modeling and sculpting meshes, adding textures to them, and then lighting the scene with sunlight and masks to achieve a pleasant sun-dappled effect. Most of the textures were hand-painted using Photoshop, accompanied by bump maps, while some were generated within Blender's shader node editor. For instance, the tree bark texture uses noise and Voronoi nodes combined with color ramps to achieve a rough and scaly appearance.

To create the staircase, I used an array modifier connected to an empty object, allowing me to rotate and descend the steps down the tree trunk. The leaves and fern fronds are simple planes attached with alpha PNGs, modeled into place and then slightly warped with a displacement modifier, giving each leaf and frond a unique shape.